ADAPT Counseling Services

Mental/Behavioral Health Counseling

This special needs counseling service is offered at ADAPT primarily in an individual psychotherapy setting. Candidates that are typically appropriate for this mode of counseling are those individuals who may be suffering from some of the following mental/behavioral disorders: Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety, Bi-Polar, PTSD, OCD, Adjustment and Personality Disorders. ADAPT is always committed to give all of our clients a safe, comfortable and confidential place to process their thoughts and feelings. We will work hard at assisting our clients in developing effective strategies and coping skills to better manage their symptoms and live a happier, more productive lifestyle. 

Individual Counseling

ADAPT offers individual counseling services to assist patients with their specific individual therapy. ADAPT will help patients learn effective ways to overcome and cope with their problems, as well as, better manage their daily lives. In individual counseling, the Therapist can access a wide range of therapeutic approaches that fit each patient’s treatment plan needs and goals.

Marriage/Couples Counseling

ADAPT offers counseling for patients who are encountering problematic obstacles within their relationships or marriages. Some of these problem issues may include: trust, communication, intimacy, abuse, infidelities, conflict resolution, etc. ADAPT uses a problem focused approach to encourage open, sharing dialogue between partners.

Alcohol/Drug Education

ADAPT offers this education service to those individuals who have received their first alcohol or drug related offense or they are just beginning to experience problems related to their substance use. Also, candidates appropriate for this educational program may or may not meet the criteria for chemical abuse.  

Alcohol/Drug Outpatient Treatment

ADAPT offers this balanced education/treatment program for those individuals who have recurrent use related legal or other problems. For example, a client referred to this program may have two or more DUIs. Patient may also be experiencing problems at home, work, or school and may have had a prior treatment experience. Candidates appropriate for this program usually meet the criteria for substance abuse or dependency.

Anger Management/Batterer's 

Intervention/Domestic Violence Programs

ADAPT offers an intervention program that specifically targets those individuals who have anger or domestic violence problems at home or in the community. These specialized counseling programs treat clients that may experience frequent episodes of anger or are perpetrators of domestic violence. ADAPT will assist these clients in developing effective strategies and positive techniques to better manage their anger, domestic violence, and other psychological stressors occurring in their lives.