ADAPT Counseling Services


It is the policy of this agency to provide services to individuals in an effective and efficient manner. Services will be directed toward the individual’s health and habilitation and will be provided in the least restrictive setting possible.

An individual receiving services has the following rights:

  1. To receive a Notice of Privacy Practices.
  2. To not be unlawfully discriminated against in determining eligibility for services.
  3. To be treated with consideration and respect for human dignity.
  4. To receive quality treatment regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnic background, disability, age, or ability to pay.
  5. To give informed consent to treatment and be involved in planning your treatment.
  6. To receive individualized treatment, be informed about your treatment process, and review your treatment plan.
  7. To obtain one free copy of your records upon written request, as limited by law.
  8. To refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and to be informed about the possible consequences of your actions.
  9. To be involved in your discharge and aftercare planning.
  10. To be provided confidentiality and protection from any unauthorized disclosure regarding your treatment.
  11. To examine and receive an explanation of the fees for services.
  12. To submit grievances, opinions, and recommendations about the program or the services received through the internal grievance procedure of this agency, the Center Ombudsman, if any, or the Cabinet for Health Services Ombudsman.